The Seven Deadly Horsemen

"The Seven Deadly Horsemen
Intolerance,Greed,Revenge,Egotism,Suspicion,Jealousy, and ?

The worst enemy that anyone has is the one that walks around under his or her own hat. If you could see yourself as others see you, the enemies that you harbor in your own personality might be discovered and thrown out. The seven enemies named in this essay are the commonest that ride millions of men and women to failure without being discovered. Your success will be measured very largely by the way you manage your battle against these swift riders.
If these enemies rode openly, on real horses, they would not be dangerous, because they could be rounded up and put out of commission. But they ride unseen, in our minds. So silently and subtly do they work that most people never recognize their presence.
Take careful inventory of yourself and find out how many of these seven horsemen you are harboring."

This was taken out of a essay written by Napoleon Hill in The Law of Success book. He goes into detail on each of the horsemen and how to beat them. The answer is you, only you can beat your own demons. Analyze yourself, and try to beat these horsemen. Live a life of honesty and integrity. A person of real success has done just that whether they know it or not.