Assemble an Attractive Personality

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."
Napoleon Hill 

A major step in achieving lasting success is developing a pleasing personality. An attractive personality is well rounded. There are twenty five different aspects to a pleasing personality. You must work to build all of these, but don't be discouraged developing one helps to develop others.

The Twenty five aspects to a Pleasing Personality.
  1. Positive Mental Attitude- The right mental attitude in any given situation. The most important aspect of a Attractive Personality. Symbolized by Faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, kindliness, tact, and common sense.
  2. Flexibility- Being able to adapt yourself to changing circumstances.
  3. Sincerity of Purpose- Insincerity is evident on your expressions.
  4. Promptness of Decision- Messing around doesn't create popularity.
  5. Courtesy- Respect other peoples feelings.
  6. Tact- Doing and saying the right things at the right moments.
  7. Tone of Voice- Control your tone of voice so it creates meaning.
  8. Habit of Smiling- Smile when your angry. 
  9. Facial Expressions- You can tell whats going on with a person by their expressions.
  10. Tolerance- Being fair toward all opinions. 
  11. Frankness of Speech and Manner- Be honest and tell the truth.
  12. A Sense of Humor- Allows you and others to relax.
  13. Faith in Intelligence- Faith is the essence of all great achievement.
  14. The Appropriate use of words- Careful and attentive effort.
  15. Effective Speech- You will become a powerful communicator.
  16. Emotional Control- Much of what we do is directed by our feelings.
  17. Alertness of Interest- Show the people you interact with that you interested.
  18. Versatility- Know what your talking about or dont say anything.
  19. Fondness for People- Like others, and you will be liked in return.
  20. Humility- Do not brag
  21. Effective Showmanship- Let others know they are doing great.
  22. Clean Sportsmanship- Lose without complaining.
  23. A good handshake- A firm and friendly handshake.
  24. Personal Magnetism- Feel good about yourself.
  25. A keen Sense of Justice- You cannot deal justly with others if your not just with yourself. You need this in order to succeed in your definite purpose.