Think And Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was born into poverty in 1883, and as a teenager, began writing as a reporter for small newspapers.

Then in 1908, industrialist Andrew Carnegie commissioned him to interview hundreds of successful men and women, in an effort to prove his theory that success could simplified down to a clear-cut formula.

What the Mind Can Conceive  and Believe it Can Achieve - Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill interviewed the most famous - and richest - people of the time, and from this information, distilled his famous Success Formula. Now, the most famous of his works,Think and Grow Rich is available in professionally-recorded, CD Quality, MP3 Audio ...


This book has sold more than thirty million copies Word-Wide and been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other philosophy of achievement ...

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Now, the most famous of his works, Think and Grow Rich is 
available in professionally-recorded, CD Quality, MP3 Audio ...


 It's the classic of all classics - Harvey Mackay


 The best single book on personal success ever written - Brian Tracy


 I must've read it 20 times - Michael Flatley


 As relevant and pertinent today as the day it was written - Donald R. Keough


 I read it every two or three years - Daymond John


 Millionaire-making blueprint you absolutely must devour - Yanik Silver


 The book that changed my life - Tom Hess

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