Cultivate Vision with a Positive Mental Attitude

"What can be conceived can be created with a Positive Mental Attitude." Napoleon Hill
Man's greatest gift is his mind, It analyzes, compares, chooses. It creates, visualizes, foresees, and generates ideas.

Imagination is your mind's exercise, challenge, and adventure. It is the key to all of a person's achievements, the main spring of all human endeavor, the secret door to the soul of a person. Imagination inspires human endeavor in connection with material things and ideas associated with material things.

Imagination is the workshop of the human mind, where old ideas and established facts may be assembled in new combinations and put to new uses. It is the act of constructive intellect in the grouping of materials, knowledge, or thoughts into new, original, and rational systems, a constructive or creative faculty embracing poetic, artistic, philosophical, scientific, and ethical imagination.

Creative vision may be an inborn quality of the mind or an acquired quality, for it may be developed by the free and fearless use of the faculty of imagination.

Creative vision extends beyond interest in material things. It judges the future by the past and concerns itself with the future more than with the past. Imagination is influenced and controlled by the powers of reason and experience. Creative vision pushes these aside and attains its ends by basically new ideas and methods. 

One of the ways to increase your flow of ideas is by developing the habit of taking study time, thinking time, and planning time. Be quit and motionless, and listen for that small, still voice that speaks from within as you contemplate they ways in which you can achieve your objectives.

From the book Keys to Success by Napoleon Hill