Four Reasons Why We Fail by Donny Deutsch

"When Failure is just not an option, what better motivation is there to succeed?"
Donny Deutsch

1. Fear of Failure: "Know that you can afford to fail, and failure will happen. Count on it. But failures bring about successes. Risk is all about trying, getting int he game. You can't succeed if you are not in the game."

2. Lack of Confidence: "Decide that you are confident, and have a more playful, less serious attitude about life. Most successful people have this attitude."

3. Lack of Passion: "Without passion and the excitement, energy and motivation it creates, it's hard to be successful. Then it's just work. And that's not fun. I've seen hundreds of people who have turned their great ideas into millions. They all share one common theme. They have passion about what they are doing. In that sense they are doing what they love."

4. Naive Sense of Entitlement: "This attitude is one of the biggest obstacles to success, thinking you are deserving of something. Most successful people have humility and a genuine sense of appreciation for the opportunities they are given."