The think and grow rich book suggests Writing a Journal

I believe keeping a journal can help fuel the imagination and keep a person on track. Each night I right down my goals, and what I learned throughout the day. Not only is it a tool to better your imagination, I also think it helps you stay focused. When you write stuff down its almost as if your signing a contract. If you reiterate your goal every night, I think this is the most powerful tool to reach your chief aim.

I date each page, and end each page with my goal and a few ideas. Last night in my journal I wrote I should write about keeping a journal, and here I am :).

Keeping a journal can help you do three major things

1st~ Solve Problems
Some problems are hard to solve just in your mind. If you can write down the pros and cons and your feelings about each in a journal, more often than not the answer is found.

2nd~ Gain directness
It's a great idea to turn to your journal when you are confused about what to do. Whether you should quit your job, move to a new area, if your on the right track with your money. Its amazing how clear things become after you write them in your journal.

3rd~ Verify Your Progress
When you are frustrated you can also go back and read through your journal, and view all your progress. When I Look through past journal entrys, its hard to believe how far I have come.